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Featured CD,+Archie+-+Archie+Shepp+-+On+This+Night+-+CD&exact_match=exact
Artist: Archie Shepp
Title: On This Night
Year: 1966 album, 1993 reissue
Record label: Impulse, GRP 
Catalog number: GRD-125
Country: USA
Notes and grading:

Still Sealed = SS = New, unopened

Near Mint = NM = As new or close to new, even if just opened, even if mint

Excellent = EX = Above average

Very Good = VG = Average


* Very selectively chosen and culled CDs

* Insepected thoroughly

* Diligently graded:
   . a grade for each disc, and
   . a grade for the artwork insert

* The CDs year, record label(s), catalog number, and the country of release are also listed when possible.

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